Gardner Building Co. (GBC) est. 2022 by Director, Brad Gardner stands as the epitome of premium residential building and construction in Sydney.

Grounded firmly in the principles of integrity, our efforts centre around delivering excellence and forging strong relationships with our clients, designers and trades, ensuring satisfaction for everyone engaged in the process.

Establishing Excellence

Through collaboration, The GBC team devises innovative solutions to meet design requirements, maintaining quality and efficiency on time and within budget

Efficient Communication

GBC place a strong emphasis on extensive engagement with clients, architects, engineers and certifiers throughout the construction process.

Our dedication to frequent and transparent communications extend to all stakeholders, including neighbours, strata representatives, and the like recognising the significance of maintaining positive relationships with those potentially impacted by construction work.

Preserving Heritage With Care

GBC have a profound appreciation for preserving the heritage of and legacy of residential buildings in Sydney, where we primarily operate. We consider it an honour and responsibility to protect and revitalise these invaluable pieces of our shared history.