Our Process

Initial Consultation

In GBC’s initial consultation, we will engage in a detailed conversation regarding the client’s design concepts, vision, project objectives and budget considerations. Our goal is to ensure that the client’s envisioned project aligns seamlessly with the budget it has in mind.  Where required, we can provide the client with detailed capabilities, even taking some clients on current open job site tours, demonstrating Brad’s 18 years of experience in similar projects.

Design Phase

Thereafter, we will consult with the client/architect on the design plans and specifications, to enable us to respond to a request for proposal. This is where we examine the approved plans, specification sheets and construction drawings, taking proactive steps to anticipate and address potential issues before they materialise on the construction site.


Here we will provide a detailed breakdown of expenses at each stage of your project to minimise unexpected variations. Our comprehensive documentation includes a scope of work, material quantities, specifications, budget, and payment schedules. Our close partnerships with our preferred subcontractors, and trades, allows us to effectively manage design requirements and lead times within the budget scope.

Construction Phase

Upon project commencement, you will receive regular updates facilitated by our dedicated site managers through our software platform. These updates are curated to include weekly progress reports, the upcoming week’s plans, and visual documentation of the project’s advancement. Furthermore, to maintain the premium quality of our service, we conduct on-site meetings on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These meetings involve all relevant stakeholders and our team members from GBC. Their purpose extends beyond addressing any issues or variations; they also serve as a platform to actively involve homeowners in the project’s intricate process.